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Integrative Approach to Engineering Planning and Design

We recognize that design excellence includes consideration for both the project requirements and regulatory guidelines. Our company’s services span the spectrum from initial site assessment, land planning, and market analysis to engineering design and construction supervision. This breadth of services demands a holistic approach to planning and design which often varies from one site to another.

There are no draftsmen at JGT, design professionals use computer-aided software and sophisticated programs to express their unique designs. JGT works closely with consultants and sub-consultants and develops schedules for design and construction that create timely delivery of projects. Quality control is emphasized internally and consultants are employed for specialized project requirements. Our professional staff has over 100 years combined experience to utilize in construction administration and inspection.

Civil, Waterfront and Marine Planners & Engineers

Below is a partial list of the services JGT Inc. offers.

Civil Engineering
Land Planning
Waterfront Project Planning
Recreational Planning & Design
Master Planning
Marina Design
Special Technical Studies
Marina Structure Analysis
Marina Rehabilitation
Timber, Aluminum, Steel and Concrete
Bulkhead Design

Construction Documents
Specification Preparation
Endangered Species Assessment
Mitigations Plans
Expert Testimony
US Army COE Permits
DHEC Permits
Nationwide Permits
Permit Exemptions
NPDES Permits

Mining Permits
Permit Modifications
Dredge Permits
Environmental Impact Statements
Water Quality Assessments
Wetland and Groundwater Studies
Section 10 Permits
Section 401 Permits
Section 404 Permits
Section 9 Bridge Permits
US Coast Guard Permits

Our Process

Project Scope, Design Development and Client Approval

The planning and design of any project require a realistic assessment of the market-driven factors, the intended use, the site-specific parameters, and the environmental restraints. An apparently successful planning project that is drawn into lengthy delays from the permitting process does the client little good. JGT will work closely with the client representatives and reviewing agencies to develop a project design that will address the project demands while economically satisfying the construction and regulatory parameters. The firm has over eighteen years of experience working with local, state, and federal agencies. Mr. Taylor has over thirty-five years of experience working with agencies and public groups of all types.

Scheduling and Cost Control

Schedules on rigid time line projects require extensive communication between project members. Once the project scope is established, the value of knowledgeable people who have worked together becomes prominent. There is little time to develop and ride a learning curve, so design professionals who already know what to do are needed to keep the project on schedule. An internal computer network system provides seamless communication on a real time basis. JGT’s existing clients include large corporations or public agencies such as Nucor, Jacobs Engineering, General Dynamics, City of Charleston, Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission, International Paper, Texaco Lubricants Company, Westinghouse Credit, and Canal Industries. We also have a vast number of noncommercial clients whom we have worked for on smaller or residential projects. These satisfied clients know that they can call on JGT to meet their demanding project needs in a timely manner. Often construction cost and scope of work are at odds, e.g., “the owner may want more than he has a budget for.” While in the preliminary planning and design of the project, we look for alternative designs in materials, construction methods, and construction phasing that will still allow the client to complete a facility in a timely manner within the budget. Often we develop alternative pricing schemes in the bid documents that allow the client to competitively evaluate the alternatives during the bidding process.

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