JGT commissioned to update Southern Forest Products Association Aquatics and Wetlands Construction Guide

Jon Guerry Taylor and Associates has been selected to update the Southern Forest Products Association’s (SFPA) marine design brochure AQUATIC AND WETLAND STRUCTURES. Originally published as MARINE STRUCTURES, Recommendations for Design and Construction, the brochure has become a valuable asset to engineers, designers, contractors and timber industry groups. It will incorporate updated information reflective of the timber industry as well as new approaches to marine and other aquatic structures. The brochure has been republished on several occasions in the past 15 years. It has also been translated into Spanish and has been included in seminars across the USA and Mexico.

The updates to the design and construction guide will include topics such as: clarification on lumber grades, types of different preservative treatment chemicals commonly used throughout the market today, comments on the recently-revised allowable design values for Southern Yellow Pine lumber, and information on the Use Category System (UCS) for determination of recommended preservative treatment for various exposure environments and lumber uses.  In addition, new pictures and updated construction details will be incorporated in the publication.   The updated version will be available for download from SFPA’s website (SouthernPine.com) in late summer 2013.

Structures for Aquatic....

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