About JGT


Jon Guerry Taylor & Associates (JGT) is a Professional Engineering, Planning, and Environmental consulting firm specializing in site and civil design, recreational, marina, waterfront, and related facilities planning and design.  The original firm, Jon Guerry Taylor, P.E., Inc. (JGT), had been in business since 1984, however on April 2, 2001, R.D. Zande & Associates, Inc. (RDZ), purchased the assets and a new survivor company, Zande-Jon Guerry Taylor P.E., Inc. (Z-JGT)was begun.

In January of 2008 employees of Zande-Jon Guerry Taylor P.E. Inc. purchased the company assets. A reorganized company, Jon Guerry Taylor and Associates Inc. continues to provide similar services. Officers of Jon Guerry Taylor and Associates Inc. include President Christopher Moore, P.E. and Vice President Craig Pawlyk, RLA, ASLA, AICP. Jon Guerry Taylor, P.E. the firm’s founder in 1984 has remained with the firm as President Emeritus and Senior Designer. Other professionals continuing with the firm are Braxton Kyzer, P.E. and Mike Kirby, P.E.


Jon Guerry Taylor & Associates continues to mature into a firm of talented professionals interested in becoming involved in unique projects.  Our engineers, planners, environmental scientists, and administrative staff are all directly involved in design, production and project management.  We all share in one vision “environmental quality by design”, so we all share the responsibility for excellence in our completed projects.  Our project work ethic demands a close relationship with our clients so that we can remain close to the schedule and within budget for the project.  JGT began in 1984 on the strength of Mr. Taylor’s entrepreneurial drive, and has since steadily expanded to encompass the experience and talents of many fine professionals.

We at JGT believe there is a responsibility borne by professionals for continuing career growth.  One manifestation of that growth is a dedication to organizations with which we share goals.  Not only do we associate ourselves with these organizations through membership and licensure, but members of the firm often serve as officers and on committees, as well as deliver technical papers or present our ongoing projects at their national, regional, and state meetings.